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Egyptian Settlement 2

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"Egyptian Settlement 2 - New Worlds" takes you back to the glory days of ancient Egypt. To the days when impressive as well as mysterious buildings characterised the western shores of the Nile.Your job as the pharao´s archtitect is to create flourishing cities full of shiny majestic temples. To do so, you will have to research new technologies and make sure thriving traderoutes are established to ensure that all required materials for your tasks will be available. Make sure that farms are established as the foundation of any prosperous settlement. Once you have established the basic supplies for your settlers you can watch your settlement grow and prosper. Then its time to built universities, temples and monuments. But beware, once your settlement has prospered there will be those that want to steal your richness. Highwaymen and thieves will attack your settlement. And sometimes even nature unleashes its powers against you and you will have to deal with disasters and famines. Make sure you are ready for these challenges when they happen. Then you may even be in a position to help your friendly neighbours during trying times.
"Egyptian Settlement 2 - New Territories" is not only aimed at friends of time-management games but also at gamers who enjoy strategic games. A campaign mode takes you back to ancient egypt and will get you acquainted to the land and its inhabitants. In addition to the campaign mode there is also a free-play mode that lets you develop your settlement without any time limitations.
- extensive campaign- trade resources- research new technologies- hidden levels and boni- challenging real-time-strategy with time-management elements- campaign mode and freeplay mode
This is the english version! Das ist die englische Version!For german look here / Die deutsche Version finden Sie hier: